Grill Type Shutters

Grill Type Shutters

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We offer a wide range of Grill Type Shutters that come in various sizes and designs. These are capable of providing additional security to homes, factories, garages, etc. Made from high quality raw materials our grill shutters provide high performance, durable and sturdy.

Shutters type: Manual, mechanical,& motorized 

perforated  rolling shutter are visible type shutter IS 6248 standard 

1. smooth noiseless functions

2.Easy and fast installation

3.Suitable for both new and existing shutters

4.wide range of model available from 150 to 2000 kg

5. Motor protected with internal thermal switch

6. No bulky visible outside

7. Available GI MS metals

8. Available lath section thich

9. 1.2 mm, 1.00,0.9 mm,0.8 mm

10. Girl Type & pipe grill rolling shutter 

We are the manufactures of Grill Type Shutters in South India.